Monday, March 24, 2008

The Future

It has been a rollercoaster of emotions for me over the last few days. For those who are not part of the industry the sale of Clover Equipment Co. and their machine really won't mean much to you. For the rest of us, well, it seems to hit and emotional spot.

It's not the sale that has upset me (well, I admit, I was dissapointed), it was the reaction by my friends in the industry I have had a knot in my stomach since reading all the posts about this. Posts have become vicious and nasty, with personal attacks etc. What happened to this great community that we all rave about?

This is the tipping point for us. Starbucks is forcing us to be be better if we are to survive. We are being forced to go out and PROVE what makes us better that Starbucks, not by just say that we are. We need to put our money where our mouths are. Quit the fighting about who was right about Clover and let's work together. Let's find ways to better ourselves, our shops, and our communities. Let's use this as our rallying point, to come together and raise the bar and take us to a new level.

Get on-board or be left behind. It starts now....

CEO - Chief Espresso Officer

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Welcome to the World of Coffee: Coffeefest Washington D.C.

Welcome to the World of Coffee: Coffeefest Washington D.C.

I would like to be the one who introduces you to the world of Coffee. Imagine with me a coffee that wasn’t just created from the push of a button, but rather produced from the sweat, tears, and blood of coffee farmers, like Bagresh in Ethiopia. Imagine not just purchasing coffee for the next caffeine high, but rather for the dance of flavours entertaining your tongue. Imagine not supporting a company of mass coffee production, but rather a coffeehouse that knows their roaster and knows their farmers. What would you pay for that world?
Imagine with me a conference for coffee geeks, coffee lovers and the “obsessed”. Rows upon rows of coffee and coffee-related companies handing out free espressos, coffees, smoothies and espresso-filled chocolate bars. Welcome to Coffeefest Washington DC, or to coffee geeks known as “coffee heaven”.
The specialty coffee world has a different pace, especially here. Everyone wants to tell you everything they know about coffee, not in a bragging sort of way, but in a real, transparent, “here’s-everything-I-know-hope-it-helps-kind-of-way. People here are passionate, practically obsessed and easily excited about the bean. Why? I am determined to find out.
Upon first impression, I am completely overwhelmed by the excitement in the room. But it doesn’t take long until I am talking to complete strangers about my own techniques, my own “secrets” and my past competition at the Nationals. Watching the professionals at work, they not only create perfectly balanced espressos, but also carry themselves with a noticeable humility. They know their stuff, are eager to know more, learn from each other and share the truth of real coffee with the unconverted.
One man in particular is Phil. Phil is a representative of Counter Culture Coffee Roasters in Durham, North Carolina. Counter Culture Coffee works directly with the farmers, ensuring proper pay, sustainability and fairness. Friendlier than a flight attendant, Phil demonstrates a “cupping”, where I try world-renown coffees, like La Finca Mauritania, Biloya, and El Jardin. He welcomes us to his Roasting Company in North Carolina. With nothing to do for the next couple of days, I turn to my flatmate, “Kerry, wanna go see a roaster?” The next morning we find ourselves on a tour of Counter Culture Roasting Company in North Carolina. I witness the burlap bags full of green coffee beans and hear the stories behind the coffee farms. It becomes real to me. This isn’t just a drink, a skill, or an art. It is so much more. This is the livelihood of farmers in the misty mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico or on the slopes of El Salvador’s Santa Ana Volcano, or on the legendary exotic Indonesian Island of Sumatra.
I found out that it isn’t just the beans these coffee geeks are crazy about. No. It’s the people behind the beans. The farmers. The workers. Their children. Behind each burlap bag of green coffee is a story, and behind each bean is a farmer. If a farmer would work tirelessly perfecting his produce than why would anyone, let alone a barista, care less in the preparation of the coffee?
Real baristas don’t just pour coffee or perfect their latte art. No. Baristas put their excellence into their coffee preparation, their espressos, taking as much pride as the farmer, honoring their hard work.
My boss, Mike, at One Red Chair initially introduced me to the world of Coffee back in June. But going to Coffeefest in Washinton DC and seeing the coffee roasting company in North Carolina re-introduced me to the root of the world of coffee: the farmers. Now, I don’t purchase a cup of coffee, or cappuccino without knowing exactly where it came from and how much the farmer is getting for their produce.

If you want to be more informed on world of coffee watch the documentary called “Black Gold”. If you want to support a coffeehouse that knows their coffee, come on in to One Red Chair Coffeehouse in Bradford. I’d love to know your thoughts. Feel free to contact me at with comments, questions or suggestions.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Seven Heaven

Whoops! It's been a while since we updated this, sorry, 1 will try to keep this updated going forward.

So, since I last blogged the following has happened:

- Novo Coffee is now roasting our coffee - Yum, yum!
- We raised $505 for the local food bank
- We have an awesome comedy improv group called Triptych Lounge playing here every-other Saturday night
- and much, much more!

Right now I am in Seven Heaven and let me tell you why. The press has been all over this little coffee called Panama Esmeralda Geisha and rightly so, it's an amazing coffee. But, there is another coffee out there right now worthy of your attention - Ethiopia Aricha Selection Seven. I'm not gonn' say that it is BETTER than Geisha, but it's as good. And we have BOTH right now!!! Come and get it, there isn't much to go around. $3.50 for a 10oz, $4.00 for a 16oz, ground and brewed on the spot just for you.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Get in here!

CEO - Chief Espresso Officer

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Novo is coming....Stay Tuned!
'Nuff Said

Give a little back

Hi Everyone,

Since the holidays are a time for giving we here at One Red Chair have decided to do just that.

We have just launched Holiday Blend 2007, a wonderful coffee that starts with a hit of citrus brightness and finishes with dark chocolate and spice. For every pound of this wonderful coffee we sell we will donate $3.00 to the Bradford Food Bank. So pick up a pound or three and enjoy. Whether it's for Uncle John's stocking, or a host gift for the Jones' party, or even for your own personal enjoyment, this brew will satisfy.

We also have a holiday food drive going on. Bring in two non-perishable items for the drive and recieve a free coffee of your choice!

Lastly, all money collected in our tip jar for the month of December will also be donated to the food bank.

So come by, grab a coffee and help support your community!

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

hey all,

One Red Chair is having their first ever annual HOLIDAY OPEN(Coffee)HOUSE on Saturday December 1 from 10am-5pm!!! We are super excited for this event. There will be great gifts that you can pick up for the whole family. And some great door prizes. We will also be serving FREE kids hot chocolate to all of those that are under the age of 12. And for the adults (those of us who are over 12) can try some of our new wonderful seasonal beverages, including Eggnog Latte's, Hot Caramel Apple Cider, White Mocha, White Hot Chocolate, Peppermint White Mocha, and Peppermint White Hot Chocolate! The kids can get a picture with santa and get their face painted. And I suppose for the kid in some of us adults you can get your picture with the guy in the white beard too :) Come check it out,fun for the whole family! And have a Merry Merry Christmas

Monday, November 19, 2007

Chicken Milk!

It's here! That's right, in celebration of the season, Eggnog Latte's are now available. So come in, get your chicken milk while it lasts, 'cause like the holiday season, it will be gone before you know it!

CEO - Chief Espresso Officer